Axis Order – What number comes first longitude or latitude?

What number comes first latitude or longitude? The answer is pretty simple – it depends on what software/library you are using.

Here is compiled list of popular desktop/web/formats/programming libraries and the axis order they are using.

This list was compiled after some time of using those packages and of course fixing bugs when you passing tuple of coordinates in latitude, longitude format to package which is using (surprise!) longitude, latitude order, that’s was a fun night!

Latitude, Longitude Longitude, Latitude
Leaflet GeoJSON
Google Maps API KML
Apple MapKit Shapefile
Bing Maps API WKT
OpenStreetMap WKB
HERE maps OpenLayers
Mapbox API
MySQL spatial
Oracle spatial

In case you found something wrong or want to add new entry to the table above, just leave comment and I fix/add entry.


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