Eisenhower Matrix as daily backlog of tasks


If you don’t know what Eisenhower Matrix is – then you need to get a piece of paper and divide it into four quadrants:  Important Urgent, Important Not Urgent, Not Important Urgent, Not Important Not Urgent and every day fill those boxes with tasks you think belongs to each quad and work on them in that order.

If you think about this – it’s pretty simple method to drop unimportant tasks and focus on key tasks. You don’t need fancy todo list with bells and whistles in order to do work, all you need is to learn how to fill those boxes in the way that benefits you, not others. If you start your day with Important Urgent box and then move to Important Not Urgent and so on, by the end of day the last quadrant with Not Important Not Urgent tasks will be the one you want eliminate or not, it depends. But the main point is to learn how to spread tasks into different boxes as what often seems as Important Urgent turns out to be the one you can safely put into Not Important Not Urgent box to eliminate it completely.

I like to use pen and paper but I’ve created app for this DailyBacklog.

You can use it to add your tasks and they will automatically saved and you can access them whenever you have internet connection. Enjoy!

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