DailyBacklog – Frequently Asked Questions


What is DailyBacklog?

DailyBacklog is a tool to help you organize your tasks the same way as The Eisenhower Method. You have four square with different task priority, you don’t need to make judgment calls what to do next as long as you have quadrants filled with tasks.

To learn more about “Eisenhower box” read James Clear article: How to be More Productive and Eliminate Time Wasting Activities by Using the “Eisenhower Box”.

Why do I need to create account?

You don’t need to create account, you can use DailyBacklog without any registration as long as you don’t need to save your task and later restore them. After the browser window is closed – your tasks are gone! So, if you need to save tasks and then access from different device, like you mobile or laptop then go ahead and create account.

What is Editor Mode?

It’s how you want to type your tasks. There are two options: WYSIWYG and MarkdownWYSIWYG mode – is you have a toolbar with text styling buttons, all you need to do is to select text and apply some style. Markdown – is the way to style text using predefined plain text tags, for example:

**Hello** => Hello styled in bold;

*Hello* => Hello styled in italic.

Go to Wikipedia to get the full list of predefined tags.

How to contact author?

You can use Contact from in Help menu or just drop a line to onethinglab@gmail.com.